There is a long list of desirable features in a first-generation Mustang. At the top are items like the fastback profile and a believed to be original 390 V8. So when you find a finely restored example like this 1967 Ford Mustang GTA, you know you have to act quickly on something so rare and special.

This car is even more striking in person. Of course, that’s what you would expect when you invest in a high-quality $45K rotisserie restoration at Richard Petty’s Garage. With such a thorough application of the Dark Moss Green and such straight body panels, the impression is the paint flows over every one of the fastback’s distinctive body curves like they liquefy the moment sunlight hits them. And the full white stripe package fits in this stellar impression because they have been cleared in with the paint. But more than just striking sheetmetal in a luster-filled presentation, you love this car for all the correct details. It’s got the best GT elements, like the fog lights, correct GTA badging on the side, triple rocker stripe, and the GT gas cap. And all the major brightwork is gleaming like it should everything from the wraparound chrome bumpers, to the Mag wheels with pony center caps and redline tires.

One of the coolest colors to go with the dark green exterior is the Ivy Gold interior. The serious restoration investment means the green on the seats, door panels, dash, and carpet looks and feels nearly as fresh as the day this Mustang left the Metuchen, New Jersey factory. Great bright elements on places like the floor shifter, correct AM/FM radio, and heat/defrost controls really help to bring out the shine in this unique vinyl’s color. The pony car was growing up in ’67, so the interiors were staring to get more luxurious. The gauges have shiny chrome bezels around them and the level of clarity shows more smart investment in this coupe. Overall, it’s the kind of interior that will leave others green with envy.

This is a true GT fastback, so you’ll love to lift the hood and show off the 390 cubic-inch motor that’s, according to the owner, believed to be original to this car. 1967 was the first year this big V8 was made available in the Mustang, so we’re glad to see that it has been rebuilt to ensure reliable power. Just like the rest of the pricey restoration, there has also been plenty of time taken to get the engine bay looking its factory-fresh best. So the bright air topper and “Powered by Ford” shiny valve covers combine with the bright blue block to make for an awesome presentation. And this even has all the details right, like the correct decals, coolant overflow bag, and even a classic Autolite cover for the battery so you know it’s going to impress some car show judges. And if you love fresh restorations, don’t forget to check out the undercarriage photos. You’re going to spot all those fresh components, as well as the QTP exhaust cutouts that really lets the big V8 growl whenever you feel like added intimidation. On the road, this full package produces a true wallop of power with the big Holley four-barrel carburetor helping to make the advertised 320 hp. Remember the “A” in GTA is for the automatic transmission. Ford’s three-speed is great at providing comfort during the everyday situations, and it has been rebuilt with the V8 to remain stout enough to handle the full power when you’re ready to unleash the monster motor. When it comes time for stopping, front disc brakes and the more modern tread of the BF Goodrich tires (masking as iconic redline units) give you a real advantage.